TTG Research Program

TTG is committed to fostering a collaborative research environment that promotes the advancement of sustainable forest management practices. This policy outlines the framework for researchers and institutions to access our managed forests for research projects and establishes a collaborative approach to knowledge sharing and implementation.

Program Objectives

  • Increased Research Visibility and Access: We will provide a dedicated Research section on TTG’s website to clearly outline TTG’s research goals and interests. This section will feature a readily available “Research Request Form” to streamline the application process for researchers and institutions.
  • Collaboration with Research Institutions: TTG seeks to develop strong relationships with research institutions.
  • Focus on Relevant Research Projects: We encourage research proposals that align with TTG’s areas of interest in sustainable forest management.
  • Knowledge Sharing and Implementation: TTG is committed to sharing the knowledge gained through research projects. Research findings will be made accessible through publications, presentations, and other appropriate means. Furthermore, TTG will actively explore the implementation of research findings to continuously improve our sustainable forestry practices.

If you would like to conduct a research project or initiative on a TTG managed property, we kindly ask that you complete this Form. By doing so, you will assist TTG in better supporting you.

Please provide detailed and clear information when filling out the Form. Not only will it ensure that we have the necessary information to understand your needs and provide the best assistance but will also help us manage every request efficiently.