We offer clients some of the most comprehensive and fully customizable forestry services available, which include forestry operations, technical solutions, data management and administration. Services are tailored based on the size of the project – from individual small landowners to large institutional investors.

Headquartered in Atlanta, TTG Forestry Services oversees complete on the ground operations on more than 700,000 acres out of five U.S. field offices. 

Operational Planning and Reporting

Our operations managers connect technical analysis of forest assets to clear on the ground plans.

Timber Sales, Contracting, Layout, and Administration

TTG uses its scale to keep costs down in sourcing and managing all phases of the timber sale, including marketing, harvest, transport, and insurance administration.

Small Tract & HBU Sales Programs

We identify current timber tracks that may have development potential and facilitate the marketing of these properties.

Technical Prescription of Silvicultural Operations

TTG uses site specific criteria to establish a reforestation plan that ensures successful planting while minimizing impact on the environment.

TTG controls inventory, develops systems, manages spatial information, and administers valuation and accounting services in support U.S. and international asset management.

Geospatial Data Analysis

Spatial analysis reveals a wealth of information. TTG’s experts use complex analytical tools to create a complete picture of the timber asset.

Technical Due Diligence

TTG has extensive experience in technical due diligence, having completed diligence on more than 1 million acres.

Harvest Scheduling and Sustainable Resource Planning

Whether planning for long term stable harvests or maximizing near term opportunities, optimized harvest scheduling can ensure your forest provides the best possible returns.

Carbon Modeling

TTG uses proprietary algorithms that are consistent with USDA standards for quantifying carbon stocks and partners with carbon market experts in identifying the potential for this additional revenue stream.

TTG has invested heavily in its 100% cloud-based platform to provide secure, expert management across the full range technical forestry needs, including: 

Inventory Management

Forest Information System Development

Document Management

Timber and Log Accounting, Budgeting & Invoicing

TTG is an affiliate of the BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group (TIG). TIG is one of the world’s largest and oldest timberland managers with US$ 3.5 billion assets and commitments and 2.6 million acres under management throughout the U.S., Latin America, Eastern Europe and South Africa. TIG has a long track record of financially successful timberland investment.

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Don’t know exactly what you’re looking for? We’d love to hear more about your property, understand your needs and goals and explore how we can help. We specialize in helping clients identify alternative revenue sources, such as hunting leases or carbon credits, and other opportunities that help generate maximum financial, environmental and recreational value from your land.